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Youth Speaks just sent me an anthology of poems and given their 15th Annual Teen Poetry is happening this Friday, I had to post. Youth Speaks is a pioneering youth poetry organization based in San Francisco but has chapters nationally as well as an international base of poets and fans. Check what they have to say about the mix and if you are in the Bay, check out the slam this Friday at Davies Symphony Hall.
Youth Speaks’ 15th Annual Teen Poetry Slam takes place Friday, May 20, 2011 at the historic Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco. As a way to show our appreciation, we are offering a free download letting fans experience the first poems to come out of Youth Speaks. Download and come hear the next generation of Youth Poetry Friday at Davies Symphony Hall. This anthology features amazing pieces by Okechuku, Sailor Jay, Marc Bamuthi Joseph, Eddie Monroe, April Hale, Saul Williams, Taz Shirota, Molly Rainor, Rafi, Kinich Coda, Aya De Leon, Tim Arevalo, Biko Eisen-Martin, Beau Sia, and more.

Tickets are still available. Get them while you can. Purchase HERE. Also, with the ticket stub you get into the after party for free where Will.I.Am is DJ'ing. Personally, I am a Will.I.AM fan especially pre "Where is the Love" Will.I.AM, but even after Fergie-Gate he still made dope beats. My friend once saw him spin at his house and when someone bumped the table, he made a beat out of the skip. That has to account for something.